In Saiga Hans lief alles wie am Schnürchen

The sun was shining brightly with Max Schrattenecker last Sunday. Together with his colleagues from the Saiga Hans running club, he organized the “Saiga Hanser Woidlauf” for the second time. More than 300 athletes took part again this year and gave their best in the three running competitions through the Kobernausserwald area. Almost 50 children demonstrated their running talent in a separate competition at the sports field in St. Johann.

In Saiga Hans everything went like clockwork
Young running talents also showed off their skills in St. Johann.

“It was another very cool story,” said Schrattenecker. The entire competition went smoothly and the organizers’ plan worked completely. Many visitors lined the side of the route. The fantastic weather in St. Johann did the rest that day. “Last year we were a bit unlucky with the weather. This year it was even more good.” The conclusion is therefore “absolutely positive,” said Schrattenecker.

A success-story

Gerold Grubmüller (TSV Mattighofen) and Stefanie Erharter (Team Hoizwuid) will probably also be satisfied. The two runners won the challenging cross-country race, which covered almost 300 meters in altitude over 11.5 kilometers. In the men’s race, alongside Grubmüller, Raimund Reindl (Lauftreff Nussdorf, second place) and Samuel Ebner (LAG Ried, third place) landed on the podium. In the women’s category, winner Erharter was joined by second-placed Elisabeth Schoeböck and third-placed Nina Stieglbauer (both TSV Mattighofen).

In Saiga Hans everything went like clockwork
Gerold Grubmüller from TSV Mattighofen won the cross-country race.

In the leisure run, in which the runners covered a 6.2 kilometer route, Robert Mayr from the Saiga Hans running club was unbeatable for the men. Hanna Stadler won the women’s event. In the Nordic walking competition, Heidemarie Huber-Erler and Franz Burgstaller celebrated winning the gold medal. This was also available for the runners from “Holzbau Mühlbacher”, who secured the coveted challenge cup in the team competition with 55 participants and a total of 418 kilometers.

In Saiga Hans everything went like clockwork
Steep thing: The runners had to overcome numerous meters of altitude.
Image: Ahmad Alsharhan

It is almost a done deal for Schrattenecker that they will be able to defend this position next year. “We have only received positive feedback. We definitely plan to continue the event in this form. After all, the Woidlauf is now one of the largest races in the Innviertel.”

Valentin Berghammer

Innviertel editorial team

Valentin Berghammer

Valentin Berghammer


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